Saturday, November 29, 2008


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Piracy off the coast of Somalia is a growing concern for international trade. For the past couple of months, over 70 ships have been attacked by local Somalian pirates, that have obtain over 150 million dollars in ransom. As of November 2008, Somali pirates hijacked a Saudi Arabia's supertaker right off the the Gulf of Aden. This event truly convinced the world that piracy now threatens global seaborne assets. This week, the NATO alliances, the European Union, and U.S. collectively sent out naval troops to set up blockades.

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Somalia's neighboring countries are also aggressively taken action in this matter. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi deployed troops to Somalia. Prime Minister Zenawi stated that the vessel attacks in the Gulf of Aden has dampened the Arab World's security. Ethiopia is willing to send out troops until the end of the year. Hopefully, the United Nations can deploy UN Peacekeeping troops. UN Peacekeeping Troops are perhaps more suitable for this crisis. UN Peacekeeping Troops will be able to peacefully end piracy and provide reconciliation.

Terror In India: Mumbai Massacre

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The Mumbai Massacre is the most devastating event in India's history. About 160 people were killed and 360 were injured from the massive brutual attacks. Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is now wounded from terrorism. Domestic security and tourism is perhaps the biggest concern, especially for foreigners. Many survivors have reported that the gunmans were actually looking for people that had American and British passports. Deliberately, the gunmans attacked key tourist restaurants and hotels.

It has been only less than a month and the President-Elected Barack Obama is already challenged with global terrorism. President-Elected Barack Obama now has to pay even more attention to global terrorism. Already during the 2008 Thanksgiving Break, the Bush Adminstration is briefing Obama regarding India. Here is a a list of questions that may help for the time being. For instance, is Pakistan or Al-queda responsible for the Mumbai Massacre? What will the US do to soften tensions between India and Pakistan? What is will happen to India's economy during the global crisis? As of now, there are lots of unanswered questions floating around? After January 20, the Obama election will face multiply challenges dealing with international security.

The Obama Administration has a lot of homework. Terrorism in India is now the new issue on the agenda. Following after other important global policy issues such as, Global War on Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran's and North Korea 's potential nuclear activities, Piracy in Somalia, and Genocide in Sudan will be the remaining global security issues that will fall under Obama's administration umbrella.