Monday, September 5, 2011

Gadhafi Calls Out US: "They Want to Control Our Oil By Force"

Gadhafi calls out 'Imperialist" forcesBy: Shani K. Collins, Your Black World
Muammar Gaddafi is not Tweeting or Facebooking, but he sure is sending messages to the Libyan people.  The outlandish, flamboyantly dressed ruler of Libya said in no certain terms will he surrender, as he encouraged Libyans to continue to fight rebels.
In several new statements, Gaddafi said:
“This time the imperialists want to re-occupy Libya to deprive the Libyan people of their resources. They also want to control our water and oil by force. They want to occupy Libya, occupy the great industrial river. Imperialism by force has led us into a war.  The Libyan people have no interest in entering such a war.  They want to humiliate the Libyans by force.  We have to return Libya to its glorious days.  They want to control our resources in order to subjugate us.”
“The imperialist powers want to subjugate the Libya people.  We prefer death to being subjugated under western control.  We will not allow Libya to become a colony. Libya’s soil will become fire in order to burn them.   You will not settle on our land.   You will not find it easy to staying on our.”  “Prepare yourself for a long campaign.  The imperialists powers will not be able to fight this campaign for long.  Stop this campaign and let the Libyan people reach an agreement.   The different tribes will always stand against you.”
Clearly convinced that the female gender is the weaker sex, Gaddafi, said: “We will fight in every valley, in every street, in every oasis, and every town.  We won’t surrender again; we are not women; we will keep fighting.”
National Public Radio reports: “After six months of civil war, rebels have seized control of most of Libya, including the capital Tripoli, effectively ending Gadhafi’s rule.  The longtime leader and his family have not been captured, but rebels say they are hot on Gadhafi’s trail.  Rebels say they are carefully pulling together clues about Gadhafi’s whereabouts from captured regime fighters and others.
Gadhafi has been the ruler of Liyba for 42-years.  Despite Libya’s current civil war, Gadhafi refuses to step down.
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nillier said...

It is difficult for me to take Goddafi as a hero or as a villain. But what worries me most is the situation of the common people in Libya. May Lord help the Libyans and give them strength to fight against this crucial moment.

Anonymous said...

This is sad: NATO forces helped the rebels. They don't give 2 shakes of a rat's tail about the Libyans or the rebels. They want the oil. Ghaddafi has a point here, and he is a marked man.

Any country that harbors him will become an enemy of NATO, so he may not have anywhere to run.

charles said...

Beware of Greeks uhh (NATO) bearing gifts (drones) to rid the world of "tyrants." Where is NATO when the rest of the world is under rule of "tyrants" killing their own people such as in Somalia? Will NATO only get involved with countries that have oil or other resources to be exploited? One does not have to have love for Gadhafi in order to understand what is happenening in this situation!

tellthedamntruth said...

I am heartened by the turn of events in Lybia. Lord, surely there must be an end to human greed and Western dominance. Help us O'Lord! Help your people indeed.

Anonymous said...

Gadhafi's gold would have allowed the African Union to print and distribute it's own currency through African Monetary Fund. Without Gadhafi the African nations will be subjected to European monetary regulation: high interest loans with all kinds of strings attached.